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CHATHAM ISLANDS FESTIVAL 10 MARCH 2018                               

Better than Anywhere : Experience something real off the edge of time...forty-five minutes ahead of mainland NZ, the Chatham Islands will be holding their 10th Annual Festival on March the 10th 2018.

Our theme "Absolutely Chathams"  is a Festival not to be missed.

Each year the Festival Organiser seeks out an outstanding entertainment package that covers a wide range of musical genre, feels and styles. In the evening the festival goers look forward to a phenomenal night at the “Den” Norman Kirk Memorial Grounds where the Festival has been held all day.
This festival showcases the Chatham Islands culture, arts, food and music with many family activities such as speed shearing, talent quest, Kapa Haka performance, bread baking, cake decorating, best tasting local honey, creative arts competitions, at least 20 food & art stalls and near the end of the day a charity auction.


The Chatham Islands is a "great place with great people" who have a real flare for fun and hospitality.

Each year we are attracting more people locally and nationwide so for those visitors wishing to visit the Chatham Islands for this event please make your travel and accommodation bookings soon due to the popularity of this event.

All relevant information required can be found on or on their Face Book page.

Please contact the Chatham Islands Festival Organiser Erin Tuanui on 033050426 or


Flights to and from the Island contact Air Chathams on 033050209.             



The Chatham Islands Yacht Club Fishing Tournament is held on the 1st and 2nd of January each year and has been running since 1990.

The 1st January is shore fishing only and the 2nd January is boat and shore fishing.

There are various catagories in the tournament such as heaviest gropher, blue cod, first fish landed for the day, heavienst moki off the Waitangi wharf and more.

Spot prizes, lucky draw and BBQ also make up this fantastic 2 day tournament.


In 1931 eleven young men sailing from Kaingaroa to Owenga to play rugby lost their lives to the sea in a freak accident. This game is played in their honour each year by the young and old.

It is not a game for the faint hearted, it is a game played with pride and passion of any provincial match.

The teams are sorted by residency. If you live in Kaingaroa or have associations with that community you are in.  The rest are from the four corners of the island, including Pitt Island.

This match is usually played in the 2nd term of the school holidays.


In 1873 the settlers on the Chatham Islands decided that it was time they had a racing club so in 1924 the Chatham Islands Jockey Club was formed.

A book of rules were printed, taken mostly from the rules of the Auckland Racing Club.  These stated that the object of the club was the improvement of the breed of horses on the island and so far  kept the view that imported geldings are not allowed to race.  The idea was to encourage the importation of well-bred sires and had the desired result.

Today the annual race meetings are held on the 27th and 31st of December each year and also a picnic race day which is usually held on the first weekend after New Years.  Since 2007 the First Five Pacing Club have combined with the gallops.

This is a great day for locals and visitors to get together and enjoy the festivities.

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