Getting here and around

Air Chathams

Air Chathams is the only regional domestic airline that flies to the Chatham Islands. Flights depart from Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch four to six times a week.

As this is an internal flight within New Zealand no immigration documentation is required. So getting to the Chatham Islands is as easy as flying from Auckland to Christchurch! 

The flight time is around 90 minutes in a Convair 580 aircraft and light refreshments are served during the flight. Check-in is located at the Air New Zealand terminals to locate your check-in gate enquire at the  Air New Zealand information desk.


As there is no public transport you will need to make pickup arrangements with your hosts. 

Chatham Islands Shipping Limited

Chatham Islands Shipping Limited leaves  every 10 -12 days but unfortunately are unable to carry passengers at the moment.


The airport it is located 20km from Waitangi.  It is advised that you make arrangements with your accommodation provider to be met on arrival as there are no shuttle buses.

Rental vehicles are available but is is advisable to make prior arrangements through your accommodation provider. 

Guided tours can be organised through your accommodation and private tour operators. These are listed on the directory located on this website.

Getting to Pitt Island

Vistiors must charter transport to Pitt Island.  By air it takes approximately 20 minutes, by sea 1-2 hours.  For more information contact Air Chathams or your accommodation host.


A  10 - 12 day shipping service from mainland New Zealand carries produce and genral cargo to and from the island and its arrival creates a hive of activity on the water front at Waitangi.  

Driving Tips

Roads are well formed and maintained, however most roads have loose gravel so take care when driving, as dust, children, stock and motor bikes are common. At night you may encounter wandering stock. Please adhere to the speed signs and for additional safety we strongly recommend a maximum speed of 40km in towns and 60km on the open road.

Chatham Islanders are friendly – so be sure to wave!

Travel and Road Conditions

Main Chatham is 90 km2 and has 97 km of well maintained roads, of which 12km are tar sealed. Caution is urged when driving, as children, hikers, mountain bikers, loose gravel, dust, stock and motor bikes are common. Please adhere to all road signs: for safety it is strongly recommended that a maximum speed limit of 40km  be observed in the towns, and a 60km speed limit on open roads.  

Chatham Islands Directory

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Chatham Islands Events


  Chatham Islands 10th Annual Festival

Saturday 10 March 2018

Better than Anywhere : Experience something real off the edge of time...forty-five minutes ahead of mainland NZ, the Chatham Islands will be holding their 10th Annual Festival on March the 10th 2018.


Please contact the Chatham Islands Festival Organiser Erin Tuanui on 033050426 or

All relevant information required can be found on or on their Face Book Page

Please contact the Chatham Islands Festival Organiser Erin Tuanui on 033050426 or




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