Northeast Chatham Island

Northeast Chatham Island boasts a range of visitor accommodation and there is plenty for you to see making it an ideal northern base during your stay on Chatham Island.  The region is renowned for its seafood and diving.

Northeast Chatham Island is mostly in private ownership and permission must be obtained to access the missionary and whaling settlement ruins.  It is strongly suggested that you use an approve guide to ensure you have the best possible experience.  Guides can be located via the directory on this web site.

Highlights include:

  • Moriori rakau momori (tree carvings) in the J.M. Barker (Hapupu) National Historic Reserve
  • Hapupu Reserve Temporary Closure to Public: Hokotehi Moriori Trust and DOC have agreed to a 12 month temporary closure (rahui) at the J.M. Barker National Historic Reserve (Hapupu) because of health and safety concerns and in order for urgent remedial work to be carried out in the grove.  The reserve will be closed to public access until further notice but updates on the remedial work and any opportunities to assist, such as tree planting, will be available through Hokotehi and DOC offices.  We hope that members of the public will understand the need for this to happen and offer support in order to protect the remaining rakau momori (Moriori living tree carvings) and wahi tapu.  Opportunities for alternative visitor experiences to learn more about rakau momori and Moriori culture are being planned.  In the meantime, visitors to the island can enjoy the walks and tracks in other island reserves.  Please check with DOC for more informatin on these. 
  • Ocean Mail Scenic Reserve
  • To find out about Kaingaroa, select from the map.
  • Seal Colony at Point Munning
  • Ruins of missionary and whaling settlements at Mission Bay near Te Whakaru
  • Remains of Sunderland flying boat

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