Visitor Information on Chatham Island


Chatham Island Visitor Information Centre

Located at the Council Buildings on Tuku Road, Waitangi.

Tel: 03 3050 443

Chatham Islands Visitor Guides are also available at many businesses around the Island

Download the 2015 Chathams Official Visitor Guide

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Download the 2015 Chathams Official Visitor Info & Listings

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Chatham Islands Tourism Development Office

Located at 773 Owenga Road, Waitangi.

Tel: 0508 CHATHAMS

There is also an extensive display of pamphlets in the Airport Terminal


Department of Conservation

The DOC office has is a great place to obtain maps and walking guides. 

Tel: 03 305 0098

Contact DOC



Visiting the Chatham Islands is a chance to experience a unique environment.  Part of what makes the Chatham's so special is what we do not have.

The Chatham Islands are free from rabbits, mustelids, invasive ants and wasps, and many of the agricultural weeds present in mainland New Zealand such a Chilean needlegrass.  We are free from bovine tuberculosis, and our beekeepers are determinined to maintain the vorroa and American Foul Brood free status of their hives.  Pitt Island is free from rats and possums.  Our freshwater and marine environments are in good health, and we wish to keep them free from any new pests.

Visitors can help us maintain our pest free status.  Please ensure you do not bring "hitchhikers" with you.

- Check your footwear is free from dirt and seeds before you pack

- Bags, socks and coats should be checked to make sure they are free from seeds, plant debris and anything that can crawl or fly!

- If you are bringing garden gifts or food with you, we want clean, disease, and insect free material only

- All recreational equipment needs to be clean before it comes and that includes your fishing gear

For more information please contact the Chatham Islands Bio Security Office on 03 3050 013 or email:





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